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Editing and Proofreading, does it matter?

Editing and Proofreading, does it matter?

If you want to translate a document and make sure it is of high quality and grammatically perfect, you should know a bit about what editing and proofreading are; and why it matters.

It is not uncommon to confuse editing with proofreading; they even overlap sometimes.

Nevertheless, it is important for everyone to know the difference in order to outsource the needed languageservice, not something else; which will be far convenient and cost effective.

Every document is supposed to pass by different stages of production, whether it is electronic document or for print.

It starts with writing, followed by editing, and then proofreading came as the last step.

Translate a document, then what?

Sometimes the first step will be translation from a language to another, which might create additional effort on the following steps, especially if the translator is not native or competent; here comes the role of the editor.

You should know also that editing is a significant step that shouldn’t be skipped or left to the proofreader; so you can get perfect document.

Starting with editing, it’s an important task to remove and correct grammatical and factual mistakes, keep the text concise and consistent, with clear language that target audience can easily comprehend and relate to.

Whether you want to translate a document or you have it originally written, you’ll need a competent editor.

Ideally, the editor shouldn’t be the same person as the writer or the translator, so a different eye and mind can browse the content and pick errors.

Language Proofreading

This is the final check that needs professional linguist.

The proofreader checks spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style, together with checking that the format is consistent throughout the whole document.

The proofreader job is complementary to that of the editor, as the later might skip something while editing.

Sometimes the proofreader would find big editing mistakes or flaws, in this case, he/she can send back the documents highlighting the mistakes and recommending corrections.

As evident, the two tasks are both as important, thus skipping any of them will render the document wrong a way or the other.

At EgyTranscript, we are capable of providing both editing and proofreading; with highest standards and on time.

We provide our editing and proofreading language services that respond to different businesses and industries needs; we can help you present your company profile, projects, plans, reports, and communications.

We rely only on human work, not using English dictionary software, or any other electronic tools, other than our team knowledge and experience.

If you have a project where you need competent personnel to 
work on, edit, proofread, or reviewing its documents
contact us & we will respond to your needs accordingly.

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Professional Translation Company in Egypt/Cairo

Professional Translation Company in Egypt/Cairo

Many individuals and companies search for language translation services, this will inevitably lead to endless number of translation agencies and freelance translators.
language translation services would as well lead to machine translation, which is not recommended as it is never as accurate as human’s.

But how would you choose the best or most professional company, what are your tools to pick the right one?
You can rely on recommendations from your friends and colleagues; especially if you work in the same field or industry.

You can as well look into the portfolio of clients for potential companies, and see for yourself.
This is usually a good indication, for professional companies would have an impressive portfolio that speaks of the company’s competency.

Always pick a company that proved competent and committed, that is keen to deliver excellent work on time, with a team of professional translators, who are competent whether they translate into English or translate to Arabic, they should master both languages,
Only knowledgeable translation company can handle work from International clients, and deliver work on time, regardless of the client location or time zone.

At EgyTranscript, we have the capacity to work with clients everywhere, and translate their content into English or Arabic on time.

Whatever your translation needs are, we will respond to them, as we are not only qualified to translate to Arabic or into English, but we have a diversity of related services, like subtitling, narration, voice over, .etc.

After linguists translate the content into English, it should thoroughly reviewed and proofread; this is one more key for choosing the best company; having skillful copywriters and proofreaders.

Similarly, when translators translate to Arabic; the content should be reviewed by a native Arabic speaker or very skillful linguist to be sure it is flawless.
There are several cautions that the client should be aware of. First of all, when you think about an agreement with an organization associate overseas, you want to be 100% sure that everything is proceeding properly.

Selecting the correct company is especially important when you translate website or marketing content into English or Arabic.

We all know that prospective clients don't invest as much time and effort on your web page as you would like them to, so we need to make sure that what they discover on your website is not only exciting to them but also appropriate.

Only very careful translation will be acceptable, not at all language translation services; a translation that preserves the text and its essence.

It worth mentioning that our scope of work does not include CAT or TM Translation, we do however, have our own in-house TM and we develop and tailor glossaries according to each requirement, type of business and project context.
Please contact us for your translation needs:

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English Translation

English Translation

Most probably when you google the term ‘English Translation’, the first results featured by the search engine will be online dictionaries or machine translation.

Well, this might be because many people believe they can get their content translated through Google or online translation tools.

English translation however, is meant to be someone (a human being not a machine) translating certain content to English; a task that consumes time and effort and needs very skillful personnel.

Hiring a translater?

Known by some as ‘translater’, a translator is someone who spent his life wondering if this word or that has an equivalent in the target language!

Translation is more of an art than a profession, where linguists usually build their sense of languages they working with while practicing translation.

Translators however, have different degrees of professionalism, accuracy, and commitment.

At EgyTranscript we pay utmost attention to continuously raise the efficiency and build the capacity of our team of translators through knowledge and practice. This is quite evident through mastering translating content for different industries.

It is often recommended to leaving your content to an agency to translate it to English; it is usually safer than outsourcing freelance translator.

Don’t think twice, Translate it to English

It goes without saying that to spread certain content and reaching out to maximum number of audience needs you to translate it to English.

This makes translation to English a core task always and continuously needed for almost every business.

Whether it is for spreading information or marketing certain products or services, translation to English should be accurate and precise; so the target audience would get the message right and clear.

Just pick the right provider for your content, whether it is in your country or overseas; always watch for competency.

EgyTranscript promises high quality, reasonable prices, and on time delivery wherever you are and regardless of your time zone.

Arabic translation to English needs translaters to be competent in Arabic as they are in English, they should be capable of understanding the meaning and essence of the text to be able to convey the same message (as it is) to English.

You’d find endless number of translation providers both online and offline, nevertheless, you should be careful while selecting the company that will handle your translation work.

At EgyTranscript, we strive to get the difficult balance between quality and price; delivering highest standards at affordable prices.

Arabic Translation

Arabic Translation

No doubt outreaching to the Arab region is getting increasingly important due to different reasons.

On one hand companies offering services and commodities are outreaching to more audience everywhere, and on the other hand, there is growing interest to understand more about the region after Arab spring took the region by storm.

For the reasons above and much more, many individuals and companies are continuously seeking Arabic translationservices in order to reach out to Arabs whether in MENA region or anywhere else.

Reaching out to Arabs however, is not just about translation English to Arabic and presenting Arabic content; it rather needs profound experience in Arabic dialects and culture.

Translate English to Arabic.. and take care
Many translation companies would translate English to Arabic; yet, Arabs wouldn’t digest written or spoken words, as it is just word for word Arabic translation.

Arabs would relate more to translation English to Arabic that keeps an eye on cultural sensitivities.

If this true for translating text from English to Arabic, it is more significant in case of art production, and website and marketing products localization.

Art production like narration, subtitling, and other sensitive issues, need high degree of accuracy, as well as broad understanding of the audience who are the main target for the whole thing.

Localization is not just to translate English to Arabic, you’re rather transferring the content as a native speaker would write and thus your audience would relate to.

Website and marketing products localization are two important assets for any business for expressing its services and products, as well as interacting with the audience.

Correct translation from English to Arabic
At EgyTranscript we have native Arabic translators who have broad knowledge and long experience in different Arabic dialects as well as its grammar and fine details.

They can carefully perform translation English to Arabic with utmost care; delivering accurate and precise content.

The same applies for interpretation, as translation spoken English into Arabic is as sensitive as written content, if not more.

Interpreters who translate English speech to Arabic should be very skillful so they can keep the audience engaged through correct interpretation, keeping the same pace and tone of the speaker; translating just everything whether words, jokes, or whatever.

Please contact us for your translation needs, -you can find our contact information on Contact Us page.

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